Surrounded by Mount Everest and K2, Tibetan Plateau is called the “Third Pole of the world” 


Our Farm

Our 23,000-acre farm lies on the Tibetan Plateau in Western China, just north of India. It is naturally situated to be pure as can be: far from cities and other farms, safe from pollution and cross-contamination. It is self-sustaining, with the surrounding snowcaps of the Himalayan Mountains providing natural irrigation.

At 15,000 feet above sea level subjected to continuous sunlight exposure, extreme temperature difference, minimal rainfall and high level of soil salinity and acidity, our Sea Buckthorn flourishes to its highest potential, providing higher nutritional value than sea buckthorn grown in other regions.

Puredia Standards

01. Origin

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Scientifically proven to be higher nutritional value than sea buckthorn grown in other places due to extreme growing environment.

02. Organic


All our ingredients are harvested in our USDA, EU, Canada, and China organic-certified farm. Pesticide and plastic are strictly prohibited.

03. Sustainability


Our farmers are trained in sustainable harvesting methods in harmony with the natural cycle. Our sea buckthorn is harvested reaching max maturity.

04. Responsibility

Puredia focuses on social and environmental responsibility. We’re devoted to protect the environment and contribute to the society.


All Puredia products are manufactured according to International Standards


Our Factory

Our 300,000 square feet, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility is ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, HACCP, GMP, and BRC certified. It also fully complies with Kosher and Halal production standards.

To guarantee the consistent premium quality of our products and services, we take part in every segment of the entire raw material supply chain: from organizing harvest with local farmers to industrial production.

All Puredia products are manufactured according to international standards: from raw material inspection to analysis of each critical control point and final product quality control.

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Our Process