Dedicated to Develop Organic, Innovative and Clinically Proven Ingredient



Reflecting on the harmful side effects of synthetic nutrients, Puredia is committed to scientific research on natural, innovative and efficacious nutritional ingredients. These goals are transformed into the three principles of Puredia’s product development: Organic, Innovation, and Clinically Proven.



01. Organic

Our ingredients are harvested and processed in our USDA, EU, Canada, and China organic-certified farm and manufacturing facilities.


Through continuous research, Puredia is committed to developing innovative ingredients which provide the maximum bioavailability. 

03. Clinically Proven

Our ingredients are supported with scientific data and human clinical trials, showing that they are effective and safe to consume.


“Good health is fundamental to life. We are committed to providing better health for everyone.”

Dr. Hywel yuen  |  Founder



It all began with one man’s mission to find the world’s next miracle food. This mission led the man, Dr. Hywel Yuen, across 20 countries, trekking through South America, India, Africa, and China.

After more than ten years of exploration, Dr. Yuen finally found himself in 4,500 meters up on the Tibetan Plateau, one of the highest and largest plateaus in the world. Known as “The Roof of the World,” it is also the origin of China’s three major rivers: the Yellow, the Yangtze, and the Lancong.

In this remote and pristine locale, Dr. Yuen found what he had been looking for: the Sea Buckthorn. Locals sang the plant’s praises to him and showed him miles and miles of wild Sea Buckthorn, which he used to conduct his research to find out whether the superfruit’s legend was real. It was, and he knew he had to bring Sea Buckthorn to the world.

With this new mission, Dr. Hywel Yuen founded Puredia.

Dr Hywel Yuen | Founder and Chairman of Puredia, initiated the scientific research on Sea Buckthorn in the 2000's

Dr. Hywel Yuen

Founder and Chairman of Puredia, initiated the scientific research on Sea Buckthorn in the 2000’s.



Puredia Timeline | In 2000, Dr Hywel Yuen initiated the scientific research for sea buckthorn. In 2011, Puredia is founded in Hong Kong. In 2013, set up of organic farm and GMP factory in Tibetan Plateau is completed. In 2016,  the world's first omega 7 powder is invented. In 2017, CyanthOx, Omegia and CardiOmegia is launched.

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