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SeaBerry® Fruit Powder 

SeaBerry® (Sea Buckthorn) fruit powder is a highly concentrated fruit powder: 100g of Sea Buckthorn fruit powder equals 580g of fresh Sea buckthorn berries. It has a pleasant fruity aroma with a tart, lemony flavor reminiscent of passion fruit. This makes it the perfect ingredient for functional foods and beverages, as well as tablets.

This organic certified, water-soluble powder is easy to add to any current formula or new product. With multivitamins and three different groups of antioxidants, including B-carotene, SOD, and Flavonoids, this super powder will be a great choice for incorporating into your day-to-day diet.

With more than 190 bioactive substances, Sea buckthorn's nutrients are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body, making it an excellent source for immune and antioxidant supports.

While Sea Buckthorn berries can grow in many altitudes, those produced higher up possess more nutrients because the plant must be stronger to survive. This powder contains only Sea Buckthorn berries grown at the highest altitude of our organic farm for a world-class nutritional wallop.

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  • A: Vitamin C ≥ 1200mg/100g

  • B: Vitamin C ≥ 2000mg/100g


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