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SeaBerry® Fruit Oil

SeaBerry® (Sea Buckthorn) fruit oil is the best source of Omega-7 fatty acids (Palmitoleic Acid). This plant-based Omega provides the highest concentration of Omega-7 naturally available as well as a host of vitamins and minerals. Most other sources of Omega-7 are isolated and do not contain the complicated nutrition found naturally in SeaBerry (Sea Buckthorn) fruit oil.

Omega 7 is new to the scene and is catching attention in the omega market. SeaBerry® (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Oil is the richest and most common plant source of the oil. It has a high concentration of the very rare Omega 7 fatty acid, with up to 40 percent, over twice that of macadamia oil. The synergistic effect of Sea Buckthorn’s complete source of omegas, including Omega 3, 6, 9, and Omega 7, as well as its vast array of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, is thought to be the main contributor to drastic and positive health differences in its users. 

SeaBerry® (Sea Buckthorn) fruit oil also contains an abundance of Omega 9, which is great for cardiovascular support by regulating the cholesterol level. Studies have shown that by lowering the ratio of saturated fatty acids, it could help to boost energy and enhance mood.

Regeneration & antioxidants 

  • A building block of skin, hair, and nail

  • Crucial for beauty and anti-aging effects

  • Speeds up the mucous membrane regeneration

  • Great for eye, bowel and women’s health

Reduce inflammation 

  • Deactivates the master inflammatory regulation complex NF-KB

  • Reduces the inflammatory marker CRP by 73%

  • Six times more effective in anti-inflammation than Omega 3

Reduce fat & cholesterol 

  • Reduced overall fat and BMI in a study done in obesity children 

  • Reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and boosts good cholesterol (HDL) 

Reduce sugar 

  • Enhances insulin sensitivity and supports glucose control 

  • Stimulates the production of insulin-related cells

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  • Omega 7 ≥ 20% / 30% / 40%

  • Carotenoid ≥ 100mg/100g

  • Vitamin E ≥ 100mg/100g


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