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Rhodiola Rosea L. is commonly known as “golden root” as much for its color as its golden properties. A popular plant in traditional medicine throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, the golden root is renowned for lowering depression, enhancing work performance, fighting fatigue, and reducing stress. Golden root is so effective that it is considered one of the most potent natural stress relievers and anti-fatigue agent.

In regards to fatigue, Rhodiola appears to be able to significantly reduce the effects of prolonged and minor physical exhaustion that results in fatigue. This is more related to stress and the ‘burnout’ effect, or prolonged but low-intensity physical exercise.

Other potential uses of Rhodiola include preliminary evidence that it is highly neuroprotective against toxins (requires more evidence) and that ingestion of Rhodiola or its active component can reduce stress-induced binge eating in female rats.

Health Benefit

  • Increase energy levels and reduce fatigue

  • Improve your focus and concentration

  • Improve your general mood and wellbeing

  • Reduce feelings of stress and irritability

  • Increase your metabolism

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  • Salidroside ≥ 3%