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Green Tea

The leaves of the green tea plant, or Camellia sinensis, contain potent antioxidants that make it a popular ingredient in many foods and beverages. Green tea is a naturally occurring and highly effective supplement made from the leaves from Camellia sinensis plant.

Puredia green tea extract is rich in polyphenol with 75% of Catechins and 45% of EGCG, making it one of the most powerful green tea extracts available on the market today. This potent antioxidant extract has been incredibly popular among the athletic community with its reported ability to increase blood antioxidant levels, the body’s rate of fat oxidation, and many other health benefits.



  • Polyphenol ≥ 95%

  • Catechins ≥ 75%

  • EGCG ≥ 45%


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