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About Us

Our 23,000-acre farm lies on the Tibetan Plateau in Western China, just north of India. It is naturally situated to be pure as can be: far from cities and other farms, it is safe from pollution and cross-contamination. The environment also allows it to be self-sustaining, with the surrounding snowcaps of the Himalayan Mountains providing natural irrigation. At 2,000 meters’ elevation with extreme conditions, the Sea Buckthorn flourishes to its highest potential, containing a higher nutrient profile than those grown in other regions.We do things differently than most farming operations. Unlike others in the area, we give our growers meaningful, long-term employment. And with the demand for Sea Buckthorn on the rise, we are grateful that we can continue to support the growers who have helped support us for all these years.
Our process

Wildly harvested once a year by local farmers
Bred by harsh winters to peak nutrition, our Puredia SeaBerry® berries are handpicked by local farmers using traditional harvesting practices.

Wildly harvested once a year by local farmers
Bred by harsh winters to peak nutrition, our Puredia SeaBerry® berries are handpicked by local farmers using traditional harvesting practices.

Frozen Storage
Puredia SeaBerry® berries are stored below freezing temperatures and only used for production as needed. This storage process is Mother Nature’s Pause Button, protecting sensitive nutrients from heat, oxidative, or microbial damage.

Production Line
Our automatic, mechanical production line separates frozen berries from the stems, leaves, and branches before blending them into a mouth-watering juice. There are 5 main production lines in the house: juice, powder, oil, tea, and freeze-drying production.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction
Liquid carbon dioxide extracts essential oils from Puredia SeaBerry® berries and their seeds, retaining nearly all their powerful EFAs, proteins, and nutrients. This process is hands down the best choice for consumers, as it preserves the full nutritional range.

QA, QC, & R&D
Our Quality Assurance team acts as quality gatekeepers, following strict GMP practices to deliver the best products to our customers. And our Quality Control department tests at every critical control point to ensure the best final product. To achieve the full potential of the ingredients, we aim to continuously research and develop new products that fit the market place.

10,000 square feet clean room: Our trained staff packs products in a sterile, closed environment to prevent any chance of contamination.
The Twin Pearls of Our Facility
Supercritical CO2 Extraction

While the Sea Buckthorn is a powerful little fruit, it is also delicate. Extracting its essence can be tricky because even a small change in temperature during the process can have a huge impact on quality and nutrients. Thankfully, we utilize Supercritical CO2 extraction to ensure sure that every drop of oil, puree, and powder is as pure and powerful as possible

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a clean, non-toxic process that we use to draw out the essence of the Sea Buckthorn. When the Sea Buckthorn berries or seeds are added to the CO2 in liquid form, it pulls the oils out, retaining nearly all the vitamins, essential fatty acids, proteins, and other beneficial components. This meticulous process is well worth the work— unlike other extraction methods, it does not cause any heat or chemical damage to the berry because there is no risk of oxidation.


Freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration process. It involves freezing the product, lowering pressure, then removing the ice by sublimation. This is in contrast to dehydration by most conventional methods that evaporate water using heat. This process allows the fresh product to retain its nutritional value, as well as its flavor and color due to the low temperature used in the process.

Freeze-drying puts the food in a state of suspended animation. By adding water, the food is “brought back to life,” just as fresh and nutritious as the moment it was frozen! By contrast, dehydrating and canning involves heating the food to a point that degrades and damages its nutrients. These other processes can also hurt flavor and change texture by breaking down food fibers, which is why we stick with freeze-drying.

Our 300,000 square-foot, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility is ISO 9001, 14001, 2200, HACCP, and GMP certified. It also fully complies with Kosher and Halal procedures.
Puredia is the world’s largest organic Sea Buckthorn supplier. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering innovative solutions to three key markets: Nutraceuticals, Food and Beverage, and Personal Care. We believe in a balance between nature and science, and our mission is to offer our clients high-quality ingredients that are responsibly grown from the purest source on Earth. We are truly an international effort, with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in the United States and Europe. We employ more than 200 people across our 23,000-acre organic farm, in-house R&D facility, and internationally recognized manufacturing facility. All our operations rest upon our three philosophical pillars: Quality, Innovation, and Responsibility. How Did It All Begin? One Man’s Quest for the Key to Health It all began with one man’s mission to find the world’s next miracle food. This mission would lead the man, Dr. Hywel Yuen, across 20 countries, trekking through South America, India, Europe, and China. After 10 years and many false leads, Dr. Yuen finally found himself 4500 meters up on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, one of the highest and biggest plateaus in the world. Known as “The Roof of the World,” it is also the source of China’s three major rivers, the Yellow, the Yangtze, and the Mekong. In this remote and pristine locale, Dr. Yuen found what he had been looking for: the Sea Buckthorn. Locals sang the plant’s praises to him and showed him miles and miles of wild Sea Buckthorn, which he used to conduct his own research to find out whether the superfruit’s legendary reputation was true. It was, and he knew he had to bring the Sea Buckthorn to the world. With this new mission, Dr. Yuen founded Puredia.
To Dr Yuen, here are the 3 pillars of Puredia: Quality, Innovations, Responsibilities. 1968: Dr. Hywel Yuen graduated from Medical School 1980: Dr. Yuen begins searching for the key to health 1990: Dr. Yuen journeys to Tibet; funds pharmaceutical company 2010: 20th anniversary of Dr. Yuen’s pharmaceutical company 2011: Tangut/Puredia is founded 2012: Opening of new office and warehouse in Irvine, California, USA 2013: Construction of Tibet’s GMP facilities completed 2014: Opening of branch office in Madrid, Spain 2016: Founding of “SeaBerry Poverty Relief Fund” 2016: Creation of World’s First Omega 3-6-7-9 powder
We believe in caring for the earth that cares for us. We do this by practicing environmental responsibility at every step, and all our ingredients are USDA, EU, and JAS organic certified. We stay accountable to this process by allowing frequent audits from international corporation and certification bodies, and we are proud to consistently achieve the highest quality standards. We are also committed to transparency and traceability of our products. This is why we use a detailed documentation system that minimizes the risk of error.
Puredia certs


Puredia manufactures and supplies the finest, most versatile bioactive ingredients available for finished food products and beverages, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pet foods and pet care products, livestock feed, and more. Through careful research and development, we continue to create innovative ingredients with a diverse spectrum of applications.


Puredia is ready for your project with complex formulations, specialized ingredients, reliable testing, and precise manufacturing. Puredia Ingredients was founded to create a new generation of innovative ingredients that deliver on all fronts: sustainability, quality, consistency, and relevancy. Starting with the natural beauty and power of the SeaBerry, we scientifically enhance it for a wide array of suitable, user-friendly applications.

Who We Support?

The Environment

Environmentally Responsible

Sustainability—Our fantastic farmers practice sustainable methods in line with natural cycles, waiting for harvest until the Sea Buckthorn Berries have reached full maturity. Only the smallest necessary amount of branches and leaves are taken, leaving the majority of the plant intact to re-fruit the following year. These delicate practices sustain both the trees themselves and the livelihood of our farmers.

The Locals

Social Responsibility

In 2016, we created the “SeaBerry Poverty Relief Fund” to provide employment to local farmers and education to their children. The result has been environmental and economically sound opportunities for all involved.

Public Awareness

We named our farm “World Sea Buckthorn Valley” for a reason: so that this special region would be forever associated with the Sea Buckthorn in the eyes of the world. World Sea Buckthorn Valley isn’t just a regular farm, it’s the natural home for the Sea Buckthorn—and we wanted the name to reflect that. Along with the Director of the Nutrition and Food Safety Division of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Puredia has hosted many webinars to educate the media and health care professionals about the numerous benefits of the Sea Buckthorn and World Sea Buckthorn Valley.

Our parent company, TANGUT, takes its name from the mountain range next to where our Puredia SeaBerry® dreams took flight. Today, at the base of the Tangut Mountains in the Tibetan Plateau, our orchards occupy property that backs up to thousands of acres of pristine Nature Conservancy land.