Our Story

With more than 20 years as a global supplier, Puredia Corporation delivers the purest natural raw ingredients to the world. Its plants are grown in the cleanest and most well-preserved ecosystems, including its wholly-owned 10,000-acre certified organic farm in the Tibetan Plateau. This region is free from man-made pollution and is considered to be the third pole of the world by UNESCO.


Plants in the region are grown at high altitudes, experience extreme temperature changes, and are constantly exposed to intense sunlight. As a result, they develop a natural resiliency and are able to maximize photosynthesis and better lock in nutrients. Studies have shown that natural raw ingredients found in Tibetan plants are much more potent than those from other regions due to its high adaptability with the environment.


Puredia maintains the purity of its natural raw ingredients by using the most advanced technology at its internationally recognized facilities. This includes the supercritical CO2 extraction process which captures the full essence of the plants without using damaging heat and chemicals.


Overall, Puredia is a research-driven and conscientious company committed to delivering the most unique, efficacious, and high quality natural raw ingredients while protecting the sustainability of its products, people and planet. 





Puredia’s mission is to improve the overall quality of life through the innovative scientific discovery and development of healthy ingredients found in nature. These natural ingredients provide long-term benefits to our health and our environment.
Puredia upholds the principle of strict product verification to ensure that our products are rich in valuable nutrition and offer a range of preventive and therapeutic uses. We focus on three major pillars: knowledge, ingredients and technology, helping our clients to develop the next generation of health products.