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Exercise is a crucial part of staying healthy, but it can also be tough on the body sometimes. That’s why key nutrition is so important—to support and replenish the body before, during, and after getting physical.

Exercise boosts oxidation within our bodies, which can also lead to painful inflammation. Since more oxidation occurs, it makes sense to take an antioxidant supplement like Sea Buckthorn to assist with recovery. Sea Buckthorn’s omega-7 is every exerciser’s best friend, from the casual walker to the full-fledged gym rat. This fatty acid aids recovery, reducing soreness and assisting muscle repair after an intense workout. The Sea Buckthorn also contains superoxide dismutase and flavonoids that combine with omega-3, -6, -7 & -9 to form an unbeatable recovery supplement.

Feeling pumped? Add the Sea Buckthorn Omega Powder to your post-workout routine. This blend of fruit and seed oils boasts antioxidants like carotenoids, quercetin, and kaempferol to boost recovery.


Functional foods and beverages are one of the fastest growing trends in the health industry, and for good reason: naturally functional elements offer a treasure trove of health benefits.

Sea Buckthorn has long been used in Tibet as a dietary staple because it contains all the nutritional necessities for harsh winters. Now, this super-fruit is available to you with our Sea Buckthorn powder, the first of its kind. Made entirely from wild-harvested Sea Buckthorn Berries, it is enhanced with Sea Buckthorn oil and ground down to a water-soluble powder. This powder can be added to any food or beverage as a nutritional boost, delivering a full spectrum of omegas that no other food source can. It is an impeccable health ally, naturally regulating inflammation, glucose levels, appetite, and cholesterol levels.

For relaxation and sleep, the Sea Buckthorn leaves’ extract also can’t be beaten. Naturally loaded with serotonin and theanine, it will mellow you out and leave you refreshed. And because it has dietary fiber and antioxidants that promote detoxification and healthy digestion, the Sea Buckthorn always goes down easy!


More than 500 global studies have scientifically shown what has long been known in the Himalayas for centuries: the Sea Buckthorn is a powerful healer. In the harsh climate of the Himalayas, locals turn to the Sea Buckthorn for vital nutrients in sickness and in health. Modern research has discovered over 190 nutrients in the Sea Buckthorn, making it a natural cache of healthy riches.

One of the major health concerns in the world today is obesity and its related problems. According to a recent report by Harvard University, low levels of omega-7 are associated with a higher risk of metabolic disease, a pre-stage for serious chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Because the Sea Buckthorn has the highest natural source of omega-7, along with a full spectrum of omega-3-6-7-9, it is a potent opponent for such illnesses and the ideal alternative to current animal omega sources.

The Sea Buckthorn is also an antioxidant powerhouse containing all four big groups: B-carotene, flavonoids, SOD, and vitamins. Many clinical studies establish the health benefits of these antioxidants.

Animal Nutrition

According to Greek legend, war-torn horses were put to pasture to die…only to return full of vigor with radiant, shiny fur. The reason? They had been freed in a Sea Buckthorn forest and the berries had restored them to perfect health. Thus, the Greeks bestowed the Sea Buckthorn with the elegant name Hippophae Rhamnoides: “The tree that makes horses shine”.

But the Sea Buckthorn makes cats, dogs, and other pets shine too. Most “Western-style” diets for pets tend to be too high in omega-6 and too low in omega -3 and -7, which is the most important for healthy skin and hair. Unlike most pet food ingredients, ours is not excessively processed, which means essential nutrients like the omegas are fully retained.

Omega 7 is an essential building block for cell lining. It has been shown to fight inflammation and support the regeneration of the cells, making it perfect for shiny fur and digestive health. The best natural source of omega-7 comes from the whole fruit of the Sea Buckthorn. In addition to its moisturizing omegas, the Sea Buckthorn also has a score of other nutrients that support joint health, calm mood, and enhance sleep quality. You can also protect your furry loved one’s skin from UV radiation, pollution, and environmental free radicals with Sea Buckthorn!

Personal Care

But not all products flooding the market today are created equal, and many alleged anti-aging products skimp on their effectiveness …Not us though. We use oils from both the seeds and the fruit of the Sea Buckthorn because they both offer their own unique benefits for your skin. Seed oil contains high levels of vitamin E, omegas -3, -6, -9, and other powerful antioxidants that make skin beautiful. Fruit oil contains loads of omega-7 that make skin healthy. Combine them together, and you get skin that is beautiful AND healthy. The omega -3, -6, -9, and other powerful antioxidants relieve the skin from inflammations, while the omega-7 supports the rejuvenation of skin cells.